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Search engine agency located in Estonia. Providing services worldwide.

SEOkoht is a digital marketing and SEO company. We offer online marketing solutions for small, medium and large size businesses. We specialize in SEO, website design, PPC advertising, social media, website conversion and other internet marketing services. We focus on providing exceptional service and great results for our clients.

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Our services.


We will make sure your website is easy to find on page 1 in Google.

Web Design

We can design a website for you that will work fast and be accepted by Google.

PPC Management

We will manage your pay per click campaigns to maximize effectiveness.

Social Media

We will take care of your social media channels to engage with the audience.


Organic traffic growth as seen in Google analytics:

You can see the increase in traffic that comes from organic positions in Google. Achieved through successful search engine optimization campaigns.


Yes, we can guarantee that your website will be on the first page of Google.

SEO campaign can take anywhere from 3 to 10 months depending on the keyword difficulty.

Yes. We are following all of Google’s requirements to ensure your website safety.

It depends. We need to know more about your situation. You can message us here.

They are meant to stick forever. If you will have any fluctuations we will fix them.

We take full control over the SEO process. You don’t need to do anything.

Website audit.

When it comes to SEO, website condition and it’s technical details are very important. Sometimes even brand new websites have serious technical issues that Google won’t like. You can check your website condition for free, simply click the green button.


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Our process.

  • Analysis of website’s technical situation
  • Fixing technical issues
  • Planning and fixing website structure
  • On-site optimization
  • Content planning (if applies)
  • Off-site optimization
  • Link building
  • Social media signals
  • Local listings (if applies)
  • Organic outreach
  • Media/news websites
  • Features
  • Conversion optimization

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Additional info.

What is SEO?

If you are wondering what Search Engine Optimization or SEO is, you should know that it is nothing more than a set of practices aimed at making your website rank on Google for its primary keywords. In other words properly done website optimization means that your site is easy to find on Google. When your customers are looking for your product or service, they see your website on top of search results. Can you find your own business on Google? If not, then how your customers are going to find you?

The SEO industry has been around for practically as long as Google has been and it has evolved too. Doing optimization yourself or buying these services from an amateur company might be a terrible decision. Optimization for search engines is not just hard and very complicated (there are more than 200 ranking factors) it might damage your established rankings or limit your rank if done wrong.

What is local SEO and why it is important for local businesses?

Local SEO refers to searches for businesses and services in the different localities in the world. For example, a coffee shop based in Tallinn will want to rank specifically for “coffee Tallinn.” Group of people who will be searching for “coffee Tallinn” is a very targeted traffic – these people are already in your location and are interested in the product or service. If your business is hard to find on Google, you are leaving a lot of valuable customers to your competitors. For local businesses, it is crucial to be seen on top of Google search results.

Do you need SEO? Everyone needs this service, especially companies who want to build their credibility online. One of the major advantages that ranking on Google has over other marketing channels like Facebook is the fact that people automatically believe that you are the expert on the subject you are talking about. And with this belief comes trust, and with trust, more people are likely to buy from you.

You can test this for yourself: visitors coming in from ranking on Google have a conversion rate of 25% compared to only 1% to 10% in pay-per-click advertising.

How to choose the right SEO company?

First of all, you need to understand that time is working against you, every customer that is looking for your product or service is paying money to your competitors. But don’t be in a rush; since it is your website being on the line, you must be very cautious when selecting SEO service. Here is a list of things to consider when choosing a good SEO agency:

  1. Look for proof. Reviews or testimonials can be helpful when choosing your internet marketing partner. Of course, it is smart move to check if their website is ranking for a related keyword. This is a reliable indicator of their SEO skills and knowledge.
  2. The size of your company. Make sure they have different prices for different sized businesses. Search engine optimization is different and very specific for all businesses; it can not be done in the same way with the same structure; hence it can’t be priced the same.
  3. Analysis and strategy. Your SEO partner will not only analyze your keywords request and your website. They will show you a plan on how they are going to improve your rankings.

From our blog:

4 Key Benefits Of Search Engine Optimization For Local Businesses in Tallinn

Are you on the fence about incorporating SEO into your overall marketing strategy? As a business owner, it’s important to realize that while you’re taking the time to decide, your competitors are already ranking in Google and enjoying a huge stream of targeted traffic. SEO in Tallinn is pretty competitive, which means there are active customers searching for your business. If you don’t want to fall behind any further, then there shouldn’t be any more delays. The mere fact that 90% of consumers do an online search before pushing through a transaction is reason enough to boost your organic rankings. Keep reading to learn the benefits of search engine optimization for local businesses.

1. Build Brand Authority

Did you know that online consumers place more trust on brands that show up prominently in the search listings? There is a reason why nobody scrolls past the first page of Google. By ranking prominently for your target keywords, you can expect to be seen by your target audience. This helps build brand authority, getting your name out there amidst the sea of competition. It gives you a fighting chance no matter how big the other businesses in your niche are.

2. Drive Targeted Traffic

What’s great about search engine traffic is that you can bet that it started. Of course, that assumes you target the right keywords. Since search engine users type a certain query in Google, you should have an idea about what they want to see. If you manage to deliver the kind of content they want, you have a good chance of driving highly targeted traffic to your website. This is much better compared to getting thousands of visitors who do not show any interest in your product or service.

3. Boost Conversions

Since search engines are an excellent source of targeted traffic, you can also enjoy a huge boost in conversions. It’s much better to get 1,000 visitors each month with a conversion rate of 20% compared to 10,000 visitors with a measly 1% conversion rate. As long as you focus on targeting the right keywords and optimizing the different elements of your website to boost conversions, rest assured that you will generate higher sales.

4. Save Money

Another compelling reason to include website optimization in your marketing strategy is that it proves extremely cost-effective. Yes, you need to invest in Tallinn SEO services to boost your organic rankings. But after reaching the top spot for your target keywords, the amount of money you need to spend goes down drastically. You may still need monthly retainer services, but expect to generate the high return on your investment over the long term. Even if you do not have the deepest pocket, you have a chance to outrank bigger brands in the results pages if working with the right SEO Tallinn company.

Don’t wait for any further and start using search optimization to increase the organic ranking of your website. If you’re still not found by your target customers, then you’re leaving plenty of money on the table. You can choose to learn about the different page optimization techniques or hire a professional SEO company in Tallinn to take care of your ranking needs. Regardless of the route you take, what’s important is to start as soon as possible so you can have a larger share of your target audience.